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Matias Bolla


Matias is a Chilean-Australian filmmaker who grew up Western Sydney with a passion for visual storytelling and bringing the stories of his upbringing and heritage to the wider world. Matias works across documentary, film, music videos and commercials as both a Director and Editor.
Matias was one of eight screenwriters selected for the Behind Closed Doors initiative run by Co-Curious in 2018, and was nominated for an AWGIE for his work on anthology feature film Here Out West which opened the Sydney Film Festival in 2021 and released in Cinemas Australia-Wide in February 2022.
In 2022 Matias Co-Created and Co-Directed the ABC series 8 Nights Out West, a documentary food series hosted by Arka Das exploring the culinary hubs of Western Sydney.
In 2020 Matias edited the feature documentary film Wash My Soul in the River’s Flow about iconic singer/songwriters Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter which Premiered at Sydney Film Festival in 2021.


Sun Theatre

The entrance foyer The Sun originally opened in 1938 and was a single screen 1050 seat cinema – the most luxurious in the area. Today it has 8 boutique cinemas, ranging in size from 200 seats down to 23 couches and varitions in between! The Sun neon sign, Yarraville’s own icon!

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